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Greater Union Baptist Church

Exercising the Privilege of Grace

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Greater Union Baptist Church began to give a monthly donation to The Voice Of The Martyrs in January 2011.  We thought it was one way in addition to our prayers that we could  support our persecuted brothers and sisters in  the faith.

If you want more information about The Voice Of The Martyrs go to:  or call (800) 747-0085.


Rafiki began in 1985 when Rosemary Jensen and others with the help of several churches sent two doctors and their wives to Tanzania, Africa to work in the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center and to teach the Bible.  Rafiki was incorporated and registered as a nonprofit organization in 1987 and its work has continued to expand in numbers and scope ever since.  For more information about  Rafiki go to the Rafiki website.

Trusting Christ alone, through faith alone, in His word alone, by grace alone.
~ 1 Timothy 3:16 ~