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C.A.P.S. Introductory Letter

CAPS - March 2012 "Baptist History" with Dr. Jim Renihan

These links have been of great use to me for personal edification, especially in area of Bible study.  I hope they will be of use to you, but keep in mind that all the words of men only, need to be judged by the word of God.  Please be discerning, and enjoy for the glory of Christ.
If there are sites that have benefited you and feel that they would appropriate for this site, send the link to me at and I'll review it and post it if its content conforms to what our church believes!

Please bear with us as we are ironing out quality issues.

GUBC New Member's Class Curriculum

The Nicene Creed

The Definition of Chalcedon

Canons of the Council of Orange

The Canons of Dordt

The 1689 London Baptist Confession

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9Marks - Mark Dever's Theological Forum.  Check out the Articles and Audio! - Al Mohler's radio broadcast archives

Audio at the Straight Gate - James White's audio archives

Baptist History and Heritage Society - The name says it all (hereafter TNSIA)

Baptist Catechism - Great resource for adults and children

Bible Study Tools - Good online Bible and some commentaries

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Overall, the best resource out there!  Massive library

Christian Resources - TNSIA

Creeds of Christendom - Many good, many bad... choose well!

Credenda Agenda - I've been enriched and frustrated much by the Moscow crew

CRTA - Some fine resources but rather VanTilian

Founders Ministries - Baptist resources

Gill's Exposition - John Gill's exposition in usable format

Institutes of the Christian Religion - TNSIA - TNSIA

Ligonier Ministries - An RC Sproul ministry that God has blessed

Modern Reformation Magazine - Great articles that can greatly edify - Also a top site... a must have! - This is the above site in Portuguese.  Refer others!

Phillip Johnson's Site - A ton of great links including the Spurgeon Archive

Providence Baptist Ministries - Great Baptist resources including Pink and Gill

Reformation Online - Good articles for browsing

Reformation Ministries - A very sound theologian with many FREE BOOKS online!

Sola Scriptura! - TNSIA - Another Bible study tool

Teaching Minds, Changing Hearts - Fine articles and insights

The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. - Yet another Baptist resource

The Bible Study Hour - James Boice bible studies

The Spurgeon Archive - TNSIA

Trinity Foundation - Check out their archives and free MP3s on theology and politics

The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals - The Alliance's main page with many links


Solid Ground Books - Great deals on reformed resources - Super deals on Christian literature


Vincent Cheung - A clear reformed thinking mind with lots of free e-books and commentaries

Al Mohler - Great theological and political insights

James White - A fine debater and author


No Greater Joy - Many good parenting and family insights, with some bad theological ones

The Rafiki Foundation - A worthy missionary agency with great hope for Africa

Audio KJV Bible - Free downloadable or streaming Bible

Westminster Seminary California - Simply said, a great school

Capitol Hill Baptist Church - Our friends in DC

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church - Our friends in La Mirada

Evangelical Free Church of Laguna Hills - More friends in... well... Laguna - Just a ton of free sermons from many big hitters (and some little ones)

Reformed Links - I mean, why reinvent the wheel?... they're all here!

Trusting Christ alone, through faith alone, in His word alone, by grace alone.
~ 1 Timothy 3:16 ~